Kauai as Why

Kauai is pure magic. I have no other way to say it. Once in your heart, Kauai is forever. I first came here in 2000 for my wedding. I met my wife in February, proposed to her 10 days later and we were married at St. William’s Church in Hanalei in October. Kauai is literally ground zero for the love of my life.

For me, Kauai’s story is about colors, ruggedness, farms and truly awesome beauty. It’s about light, clouds and surfing. It’s about roosters in unexpected places and Tacoma trucks everywhere. It’s about the earth and rain — lots of rain — and about incredible people who live with a true Aloha spirit that is warm, welcoming and full of passion.

My family moved here in May of 2011 on a whim and began the most magical time of our lives. My kids grew up at Hanalei school, the most beautiful elementary school in the world. My son played sports for Kilauea and Kapaa and learned valuable lessons about character from incredible coaches and about community from the amazing Ohanas that supported the teams. My daughter found her passion for acting and dance. Kauai has given my family a place where people stand for real things, where small town values are real and where the world around them inspires their imaginations and minds every day. I feel so blessed.

I love to play basketball. And my first day in Kilauea I found the open gym and I’ve been playing there every Sunday and Wednesday nights. I love the basketball for sure, but what I love most are the men and women I’ve grown to know. I started calling it Aloha Arena because everyone was so welcoming and real. I’ve built meaningful, lifelong friendships on this island that I can’t imagine building anywhere else.

I don’t have more words to say. If Kauai gets in your heart, it stays forever. In Kauai people say, “Kauai as why.” True.



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